We offer on-site and remote services, with focus on principles of centering and presencing, to make them more accessible. Our work is characterized by professionalism, conscientiousness and safety.

“The world around me becomes a better place when I am in a better place within, and allow it to flow outward.”

On-Site Massage
"Connecting with the body senses is a way to connect with the present moment."
Chair Massage*:

Chair massage incorporates the techniques of traditional Swedish massage. Clients are fully clothed and no oils or lotions are used. This can be done in virtually any setting. Massage duration is generally brief (5-30 minutes), but even with a 5 minute massage, positive effects such as calming, centering, and muscle relaxation, are experienced.

*Available individuals, groups and events.
Table Massage:

Table massage uses oils, lotions, or creams to administer the massage strokes. Clients are draped during massage and can undress to their comfort level underneath the sheet. Only the body area being worked on at the time is uncovered and respect for client privacy is ensured. Massage duration is generally 60-90 minutes allowing for focus on problem areas and a more complete integration of mind and body. This service is available to current individual clients at residential or workplace settings.

New table massage clients are accepted through referral by existing clients, through previous interaction, or through discussion and mutual agreement that the aims and intent of the massage seeker match the skill and focus of the massage provider.

"Compassion is at the heart of my practice. Helping clients find their own self-compassion through therapeutic massage touch results in a kinder, gentler way of life. Increased body-mind-spirit awareness becomes increased life awareness. My approach to massage ultimately helps my clients make healthier lifestyle choices that cause them to better their own lives."

Work-Life Coaching
"The coaching process greatly accelerates transformation by exploring deeply what is truly important, opening client awareness to new possibilities and empowering them to take actions that were not available before. It focuses a process that may take years to evolve on its own, if it does at all. Everyone desiring to transform their lives needs a coach."

Coaching Sessions empower clients to live out their answers to the profound questions, “What kind of person do you want to be? What impact do you want to make?” and take action to make real their highest potential in work and in life. Some examples of people seeking coaching include those looking to...

  • make a major change, but are uncertain what that change is
  • create a future that at the present time seems impossible
  • successfully transition into a new job, retirement, or other life role
  • create a new future, reach their highest potential, and make a difference in the world

Coaching sessions are typically offered as a package of 5-6 hour long sessions. For career-related coaching, sessions are typically spaced monthly. For personal coaching, sessions are typically bi-weekly.

Areas of Expertise: science & engineering careers, work-life balance, career discovery & change, intimacy & connection, embodiment practices, LGBT issues.

Guided Relaxation
"Pay attention to your breathing. Aim for long, slow, rhythmic, even breaths. Listen to the sound of your breath. Let it become like the sound of the ocean waves; constant and steady."

With the stress of life and work weighing down, true relaxation can be hard to uncover. A guided relaxation session helps one center in on the present moment void of distraction. A session is typically 10-30 minutes long and coupled with a second service. Clients lay on a yoga mat and blankets and bolsters can be used as needed.

* Available for individuals, groups and events.

On-Site Yoga
"If you can breathe, you can do yoga. It is adaptable and accessible. Ultimately, it is your own, unique practice of yoga."

Kripalu Yoga is a type of hatha yoga that emphasizes personal growth through yoga. Its gentle and adaptable approach make it accessible for everyone, from strong, flexible athletes to those who are physically limited. The concepts of safety in the postures (non-injury), self-responsibility, and self-observation without judgment are at the core. Props, such as yoga cushions, blankets, belts and blocks are used to support the body as needed, so that postures can be experienced fully and safely. Pain is not a part of yoga and, if experienced, is an indication that practice needs to be modified.

Sustaining the postures appropriately and integrating their effects before transitioning onto the next posture make for a comprehensive experience. Being with sensations that may arise while in the postures, observing them, feeling them, breathing with them, watching what happens and allowing the process to evolve has parallels to being with emotions that arise, and applying the same approach.

The principles of Kripalu Yoga are practiced “on and off” the mat, which means that what is learned on the yoga mat can be applied to the rest of life. This is where the personal growth occurs. The Kripalu approach to yoga encourages moving and exploring the body without forcing. Being gentle with the self supports an incredibly expansive state for personal cultivation. This mindset fits very nicely with companion modalities of massage therapy and work-life coaching.

Sessions are typically 30-90 minutes. Session details are discussed upon scheduling consultation.

Areas of specialty: Yoga for Scientists & Engineers, Beginners and Yoga for Men.

* Available for individuals, groups and events.

"I have been shaped and cultivated by a steadfast tribe of mentors who have shared their wisdom, led by example and inspired me to soar beyond the heights of my own greatness, all the while disguised as just a professional role model or a more-experienced friend."

To get where we are going in life, everyone needs mentors and guides, and they often show up at just the right time along the journey. Mentoring is an unending cycle of giving and receiving. With a life full of rich experiences, there is much to share and pay forward to those who are finding their way. Mentoring through deeper connections -- one-on-one or in small groups -- strengthens us as a collective. Centered Presence, Ltd. can inspire navigating non-traditional career journeys, bodywork careers, mind-body-spirit life integration for scientists and engineers, and modeling the role of the masculine nurturer.

Public Speaking
"When we open our minds to new information, we invite new possibilities for improving and enriching our lives."

People are becoming more interested in taking an active role in their own lives and living them to the fullest. Being at the intersection of science, engineering, wellness and personal growth, there is ample opportunity to share from formal education and experience. Centered Presence, Ltd. can prepare a talk customized to your group’s needs. Example topics include:

  • Non-traditional career journeys
  • Mind, body, spirit practices
  • Stress reduction
  • Proactive Wellness
  • Benefits of Massage Therapy
  • Benefits of Yoga
  • What is Work-Life Coaching about exactly?

Centered Presence, Ltd. is open to collaboration with other professionals on Panel Discussions.

Embodiment Workshops
"Lasting change happens when we bravely step forward into new experiences, allow their effects to be fully absorbed and then integrated into everyday life as new way of being."

Embodiment workshops provide the opportunity to become acquainted with and explore embodiment practices in a safe, in-depth and experiential way.

Centered Presence, Ltd. is open to collaborating with other professionals to create workshops where Centered Presence, Ltd. completes the embodiment piece.

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"There is a stillness that is bigger than anything."

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