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On-Site Massage Therapy By Michael Patrick
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Centered Presence, Ltd. is the on-site massage practice of massage therapist Michael J. Patrick.  Centered Presence, Ltd. has the distinction of bringing the massage therapy to your location, where it can be experienced comfortably and conveniently; and the focus is centered entirely on the client.  By combining the practices of Centering & Presencing with classic Swedish Massage techniques, Centered Presence, Ltd. provides massage services that awaken the body-mind-spirit awareness that ultimately leads to enhanced living.  These practices are easily integrated into a wellness lifestyle and complement other centering activities commonly used such as yoga, meditation, fitness and other grounding activities.

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As the slogan states, "Be Centered. Be Present."   Both of these are on-going processes that focus on awareness and mindfulness, one to your core being, and the other to current being.   Centering refers to your own perception of your core being in relation to your mind, body and spirit.  Your sense of  the space you inhabit within your being.  It is physical, spiritual and mindful.  Presencing refers to fully inhabiting the now and  the concept has been integrated into bodywork practices by pioneer Jack Blackburn.   It is present-moment based (not re-living the past or imaging the future) and the fullness of life is experienced in real time.   When being centered and being present are combined, the totality of your being is engaged.  This is an incredible way to function more effectively and go about the journey of life with fullness.
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Centered Presence
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At Centered Presence, Ltd, my role as massage therapist and founder is to encourage living Centered and Present through my integrative massage therapy services.   Massage therapy is an excellent vehicle for centering and presencing because it is truly one of the practices at the intersection of  the mind, body and spirit. 
Centered Presence as a moniker accurately captures my massage style:  (1)  Focusing on the entire being with  close attention to detail, and (2) while completely engaged in the process,  focusing on individual muscle fibers  and honing the areas that need attention.  Presencing is important because often times in muscle soreness, tension or injury, our response is to block out the area.  By directing our attention to the area, we can invoke the power of intention and use the body's natural processes to restore the system.

My technique employs classical Swedish massage.  Application of appropriate pressure is key.  What is commonly referred to as "deep tissue massage" is merely just applied pressure plus time.  This is where presencing comes in.   As the superficial muslces relax, the deeper layers of muscles become accessible because the superfical muscles have softened.  However, this takes time to occur, exactly at the client's own pace.  To do otherwise is to create resistence and fight the body.   Deep relaxation of the muscles isn't an instant process, but rather a subtle process.  When it is acheived, the openess and expansion felt is undeniable.  Once the muscles have relaxed, I guide clients into inhabiting the awareness of this openess through breath, which provides a baseline perception.  This baseline serves as a reference as to when the system has moved from center, and thus calls for some sort of centering activity.  Breathing is a powerful activity, one of the few things that we actually can control in our lives, and using its awareness can relax the body.


Founder & Massage Therapist,
Michael J. Patrick

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